Practical informations


Costs related to the travel and lodging of senior reseachers and PhD students will be supported by national grants if possible. Members of the SIMILAR Network of Excellence may use their own SIMILAR EU funding. No salary will be allocated.

Non members of the SIMILAR NoE may apply for an ISCA Grant, as eNTERFACE'05 is officially supported by ISCA. More information here.

All costs afferent to the seven elected undergraduated students (travels, lodging, catering) will be paid by the SIMILAR network, as an encouragement to excellence in their studies.

No registration fees will be asked.

Invited students will be hosted in the University premises. Catering and lodging will be available at the University, at minimal rates:

  • 360 EU for lodging and breakfast; about 15 EU per day for lunch + dinner
  • rooms are supplied with blankets, sheets, 2 towels, 1 bath towel, 2 facecloths, soap and toilet paper.
  • linen are changed every week.
  • two collective kitchens will be open in the evening from 6 PM.
  • fridges will be placed at your disposal


Reaching Mons from Brussels airport.

The easiest (and cheapest) way to reach Mons from Brussels Airport is the train. There is a railway station inside the airport, and direct trains to Mons are departing every hour.
Check here for more details : you have to travel from BRUXELLES-NAT-AEROPORT (our airport is called Bruxelles National) to MONS.
If you don't come by plane, you may also check this web site for train time schedules from and to any railway station in Belgium.
It is possible to book tickets via this web site but note that booking is not required for national trips.
Cost is about 10 EU for a one-way trip from Brussels to Mons.

Reaching the University residence hall from the railway station.

The official name of the University residence is Cité Houzeau de Lehaie. Here is what it's look like:

By taxi: taxis are waiting just in front of the train station but they are pretty expensive.
By bus: free of charge buses are running inside the city of Mons. There are 3 routes, denoted A, B, C (check this map) and all of them stop at the University Residence Hall, which is located at the red point at the crossroad between Av. d'Hyon and Bd. Albert Elizabeth).
From the railway station (Gare), buses are departing approximately every 15 minutes.
Note that these buses are not running on Sundays, you can also take one of those buses: 19, 23, 96A, 22, 34, 134, 82, U, 15 or 16 (they all stop in front of the railway station). You will have to pay about 1.20 EU to take these buses.
On foot: walking from the train station to the University Residence hall will take you about 20 minutes. You should find your way with map here above.

Entering the University Residence Hall.

Keys will be delivered only from 6 PM to 8 PM. If you arrive later than 8 PM in Mons, people from the eNTERFACE commitee will welcome you in the evening, give you the keys and show you your room. If you arrive before 6 PM, come at the Residence and we will take care of your luggages until you receive the key of your room.