Frequently Asked Questions

If I send a project proposal, am I assumed to attend the workshop from start to end?

Each project should have a project leader. In the best of all worlds, this should be a senior researcher willing to spend a month at the workshop location. In practice, a young PhD or PhD Student close to graduation could take the lead, possibly with email/video links with a senior researcher. It is the privilege of the person who proposes the project, however, to find a leader if he cannot attend the workshop full time.

Who pays for the workshop?

SIMILAR member participants will pay for travel, lodging, and catering using their SIMILAR money. Participation to an event such as eNTERACE is not only an "elegible" cost, but even a "desirable" cost. Think of this : in one month of time, you will make life-log connections with other teams, and create plenty of scientific and technological material to use as a justification in your semestrial SIMILAR statements.

Costs, however, will be kept to a minimum; by using the University offices, bedrooms, and restaurant.

Non SIMILAR member participants will be welcome too, but will have to pay for costs on their own money.

We also intend to pay for the travel, lodging, and catering costs of undergraduate students (who will be selected after the call for participation), as an encouragement for excellence in their studies. Last but not least, we will invite guest speakers and pay for their costs. This will be paid by sponsors and use a special SIMILAR budget set aside for these goals.

How will teams be organized?

A call for participation will be launched (not restricted to SIMILAR members). Project leaders will naturally have the possibility to send people from their own team, and CVs of other participants will be dispatched to Project leaders after being screened by the Scientific Comittee, so as to balance all teams and make sure each team has the best chances to succeed.

What comes after eNTERFACE05?

We will also launch soon a call for bids for eNTERFACE 06.