The eNTERFACE WORKSHOP aims at establishing a tradition of collaborative, localized research and development work by gathering, in a single place, a team of leading professionals in multimodal interfaces together with students (both graduate and undergraduate), to work on a prespecified list of challenges, for 4 complete weeks.

The workshop will be held on a yearly basis, in July-August, and organized around several (typically four or five) research Projects dealing with multimodal human-machine interfaces design. It will thus be radically different from traditional, scientific workshops, in which only specialists meet for a few days to discuss state-of–the art problems, but do not really work together.

The senior reseachers will be members of the SIMILAR Network of Excellence, university professors and industrial and governmental researchers presently working in widely dispersed locations. Eight undergraduates will also be selected through a europeanwide search, sed on outstanding academic promise. About thirty graduate students familiar with the field will be selected in accordance with their demonstrated performance.

Participants will be organized into teams, one per project, which will be constituted several months before the workshop during the first organizational day (April 2005). R&D challenges will focus on themes related to the special interest groups of the SIMILAR network of excellence, that is:

  • Multimodal signal analysis and synthesis
  • Fusion and fission of modalities
  • Context aware adaptation
  • Edutainment and learning assistance
  • Medical applications
  • Disabled applications
  • Usability

Last news

  • the proceedings of the workshop are now available.
  • the eNTERFACE Daily News tells you about the everyday life on the workshop site.
  • the opening day presentations are available here.
  • the agenda and a one-page summary can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • the workshop opening day agenda is now completed.
  • a virtual visit of Mons (in French).
  • ISCA supports the event and offers grants for participants not member of the SIMILAR NoE.
  • Call for participation is open.
  • Call for projects is closed. The list of selected projects is now available here.
  • An agreement has been taken with the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons to host the invited student in the University premises. Catering and lodging will be available at minimal rates (360 EU for lodging and breakfast; about 15 EU per day for lunch + dinner).