Call for Participation for eNTERFACE
The SIMILAR NoE Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces
July 18 - August 12, 2005 
Faculté Polytechnique de Mons
Mons, Belgium

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The eNTERFACE'05 committee now invites candidate participants to apply for a summer workshop on multimodal interfaces, to be held in Mons, Belgium, from July 18th to August 12th, 2005.


eNTERFACE'05 will welcome 40 students, researchers, and seniors, working in teams on the following projects (selected from the proposals we have received in a previous Call for Projects):

1. Combined Gesture-Speech Analysis and Synthesis (Coordinators: Prof. Murat Tekalp, Prof. Engin Erzin, Prof. Yucel Yemez, Prof. Mehmet Emre Sargin, Koc University Multimedia, Vision and Graphics Lab, Istanbul). This project will include the preparation of a database, the study of correlations between speech features and gesture units, the modeling of gesture units, and the adaptation of units for specific speakers. Download project description (172 kb)

2. Multimodal Caricatural Mirror (Coordinator: Prof. B. Macq, UCL Louvain La Neuve). This project aims at creating a caricatural mirror where poeple could see their own emotions amplified (image+speech) by an avatar, on a wide screen facing them. It includs multimodal face tracking, multimodal emotion recognition, and multimodal emotion synthesis. Download project description (50 kb)

3. Biologically-driven musical instrument (Coordinator: Prof. Benoît Macq, UCL Louvain La Neuve). The goal is to build a virtual musical instrument driven by EMGs, EEGs, Heart beats, video, etc. Download project description (42 kb)

4. Multimodal Focus Attention Detection in an Augmented Driver Simulator (Coordinators: Profs. Laurent Bonnaud & Alice Caplier, INPG_LIS, Grenoble; Prof. B. Macq, TELE Lab, UCL Louvain La Neuve). This project proposes to use physiological signals, the analysis of facial expression as well as tracking of the user's focus (eye tracking) in an augmented reality driver simulator able to appropriately react to hypovigilence. Download project description (138 kb)

5. Multilingual Multimodal Biometric Identification/Verification (Coordinator: Prof. Yannis Stylianou, University of Crete) This project will involve the recording of a multilingual multimodal (face, lips, speech, writing, body movement) database for biometric identification/verification. It will then perform on site tests of the various scenarios of fusion between various modalities and under various noise conditions. The project will be concluded by suggestions on the next steps in fusion R&D. Download project description (57 kb)

6. Speech Conductor (Coordinator: Prof. C. D'Alessandro, LIMSI-CNRS, Paris) The Speech Conductor project aims at developing a gesture interface for driving ("conducting") a text to speech synthesis system. Then, automatic speech synthesis will be modified in real time according to the gestures of a "Speech Conductor". The Speech Conductor will add expression and emotion to the speech flow using speech signal modification algorithms and gesture interpretation algorithms. Download project description (44 kb)

7. A Multimodal (Gesture+Speech) Interface for 3D Model Search and Retrieval Integrated in a Virtual Assembly Application (Coordinator: Prof. Dimitrios Tzovaras ITI-CERTH, Thessaloniki). The goal of the project is the development of a multimodal interface for content-based search of 3D objects based on sketches. This user interface will integrate gesture and speech modalities to aid the user in sketching the outline of the 3D object he/she wants to search from a large database. Download project description (148 kb)


People (seniors, PhD students, undergraduate students) interested in participating to the workshop should send us an application email, before April 15th, with the following information:

  • A short CV (1 page max.)
  • A list of 3 preferred projects to be work on
  • A list of skills to offer for these projects
  • Possibility to bring a laptop? With wireless connection? (computers will be available otherwise)

The undergraduate students wishing to apply for the workshop should also include a reference letter. The responsible professor should send it by e-mail to francois.severin(at)

No funding will be provided for researchers, but no registration fees will be asked for. Researchers will therefore have to pay for their travel, lodging, and catering expenses. Catering and lodging will be available at the University, at minimal rates (360 EU for lodging and breakfast; about 15 EU per day for lunch + dinner). See our website for more information.

Seven undergraduate students will be selected, whose travel, lodging and catering expenses will be paid by the workshop organizers.

Moreover, ISCA is supporting the event and offers grants for participants not member of the SIMILAR NoE. Check here for details.


  • April 15th, 2005: End of the call for participation;
  • April 30th, 2005: Notification of Acceptance and Team Building
  • July 18th-August 12th, 2005: eNTERFACE Workshop

Correspondence: francois.severin(at)