The workshop will start with an opening day in which senior researchers will give a tutorial, state-of-the-art survey of their field. It will end with a closing day, in which members of each team will present their progress and results to the multimodal interface community.

During the workshop period, on a weekly basis, guest lecturers will be invited and workshop participants will be encourage to make presentations and share ideas with the community.

Apart from the scientific work, social activities will be proposed throughout the workshop, so as to maximize the chances for participants to establish longer-term friendship relations.

The full agenda can be downloaded here in PDF format (211 kb)
A one page summary can be downloaded here in PDF format (136 kb)
The MS PowerPoint Template for the eNTERFACE presentation can be downloaded here.





Mon 18/7 Opening day - Project and team presentations

09h00: Greeting by Rector Prof. S. Boucher
09h15: Workshop goals, agenda and practical details, Prof. T. Dutoit
09h30: Presentation of Project #1 : Prof. Murat Tekalp, Prof. Engin Erzin, Prof. Yucel Yemez, Prof. Mehmet Emre Sargin, Koc University Multimedia, Vision and Graphics Lab, Istanbul
10h00: Presentation of Project #2 : Prof. B. Macq, Olivier Martin, UCL Louvain La Neuve
10h30: coffee break
10h45: Presentation of Project #3 : Prof. Benoît Macq, Quentin Noirhomme, Jean Julien Filatriau, UCL Louvain La Neuve
11h15: Presentation of Project #4 : Profs. Laurent Bonnaud & Alice Caplier, INPG_LIS, Grenoble; Prof. B. Macq, Daniela Trevisan, TELE Lab, UCL Louvain La Neuve

12h00: lunch

14h00: Presentation of Project #5 : Prof. Yannis Stylianou, University of Crete
14h30: Presentation of Project #6 : Prof. C. D'Alessandro, LIMSI-CNRS, Paris
15h00: Presentation of Project #7 : Prof. Dimitrios Tzovaras, Konstantinos Moustakas, ITI-CERTH, Thessaloniki
15h30: coffee break and discussions
16h00: team installation

  FPMs-Grands Amphis, rue du Jonquois, Amphi 02
  19h00: Welcome reception + Cocktail   City Hall, Wedding room (salle des Mariages de l'Hotel de Ville de Mons)

Thu 21/7

Belgium national day - Trip to Brussels (optional)



Fri 22/7

AM: OpenInterface tutorial seminar (Mostly for projects 3 and 4, which will be test-cases for the OpenInterface initiative, but everyone is welcome).

09h00-09h45: Prof. Laurence Nigay (CLIPS-IMAG): the OpenInterface architecture.
10h00-11h30: Jean-Yves Lionel Lawson: Hands on OpenInterface.


FPMs-DOLEZ, Multitel-DOLEZ, seminar room
PM: Invited Talks - 14h00-17h30
FPMs-Houdain, Auditoire 03

Sat 23/7

Social event day - Bicycle trip in Hainaut (optional)







Fri 29/7 09h00-10h40: Presentation of intermediate project results (#1, #2, #4, #5, #7)
11h00-12h00: Invited talk
  • Prof. Jean Vanderdonckt (UCL): "Ergonomic design and evalutation of interactive applications, with examples"
FPMs-Houdain, Auditoire 03
14h00-16h30: Invited Talks
16h45-17h30: Presentation of intermediate project results (#3, #6)
FPMs-Houdain, Auditoire 03
17h30: Demo session by Acapela group.
FPMs-Houdain, Auditoire 03

Sat 30/7

Social event day - Trip to Brugges (optional)







Fri 05/8
14h00-17h30: Invited Talks
FPMs-Houdain, Auditoire 03

Sat 06/8

Social event day - Visit to the Paradisio bird park, Cambron-Casteau (optional)







Fri 12/8 Closing day
09h00-16h00: Presentation of final project results
18h00: Banquet - Address: Au Fil des Saisons
  FPMs-Dolez, Salle Académique